How to paste the letters of your cities?

Upon receipt of your Skyline with the Names of
cities a vinyl will come in the package and you will see it as a sticker. the vinyl
consists of two sheets, the transfer, which is the transparent paper with
adhesive that allows you to take your vinyl letters from the base sheet to the wall or

STEP 1: Make sure of the position where you want to paste your

Place the vinyl on the surface you want to place it on,
place it in the position that you like, and verify that everything is fine and it is where
you would like it to stay

STEP 2: Carefully peel back the protective paper from the back

Place your vinyl on a table, smooth with pressure
helping you with the plastic card or a spatula so that all the vinyl is
adhere well to the transfer. Then very carefully remove the protector
back, leaving the transparent part flat on the table and folding the transparent part

STEP 3: Adhere to the wall.

Make smooth movements from top to bottom to avoid
wrinkles remain. Support yourself with a rubber spatula or card so that
you can apply pressure.

STEP 4: Slowly peel off the transfer paper

Now carefully remove the transfer from the
surface, make it slow so that no details of any letter come through, if you see
that by removing it some letter remains on the transfer, go back and press
that letter to the surface. And ready! Now you will have your skylines with their names.

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