¿Este verano te vas de vacaciones? ¡Acierta con las mejores ideas de souvenirs de viaje!

Are you going on vacation this summer? Get it right with the best travel souvenir ideas!

Are you one of the lucky ones who can go on vacation this summer? And are you one of those who can't decide what souvenirs to bring home or for your friends and family?
Well, we give you some souvenir ideas that may interest you:

Decorative skyline of the city you visited.

At SkylineCity.store we have the skylines of many cities in Spain , a good part of the European capitals and major cities worldwide. An excellent option with a very elegant design, made of wood and perfectly packaged as a gift. The fact of being able to buy it online on the web allows you not to have to carry the product when you return from the trip, saving space, risks of breakage and costs when shipping.

Gastronomic products, wines or liquors typical of the area you visit.

The flavors and aromas of the places you visit are part of the travel experience. Especially if you visit exotic areas, with products, dishes, liquors or wines or preparations that are far from yours. Of course: Keep in mind that when boarding your luggage there are important limitations. Normally you won't be able to take it with you in hand luggage unless you buy it at Duty Free (usually a bit more expensive and less genuine), and legally you can't pass some gastronomic products even by shipping them .


Do you want a cheap, lightweight souvenir that takes up very little space? Postcards -preferably with beautiful illustrations by local artists- can be a nice detail both for you and for your friends or family. Even once you get home you can buy a nice frame to hang on the wall.

Typical dresses.

A nice piece of clothing can be an excellent souvenir. Bright colors, different fabrics, unusual shapes... Both for you and your loved ones, beyond the typical T-shirt there are dresses, skirts, jackets, tunics, hats, etc. that can make a difference.

Crafts, costume jewelery or jewelry.

It may not be the most practical thing to buy a large vase and then ship it, but there are small crafts that can be carried in a small package. Wood carvings, small sculptures in non-fragile materials, etc. Or even better, pendants, earrings, bracelets... Costume jewelery depending on which part of the world is very unique and can be a good option to remember a trip.

The most typical souvenirs.

If these tips don't work for you, you can always go to the classic souvenirs in airport shops: fridge magnets, key rings, shot glasses, t-shirts, etc. But then they won't have your most personal touch :-D.
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