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Skyline Rello

Skyline Rello

El skyline de Rello, visual hacia el norte. En el skyline destaca el Castillo y la Parroquia de la Anunciación con partes de la muralla y las casas del pueblo. Finalmente bajo la peña se encuentra la torre del agua. 

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Wooden pieces carved in Birch, with a length of 50 or 100 cm and a thickness of 6 mm. The pieces are available in three color variants: brown, black and natural wood.


For the brown color variant, a brown lacquer primer is applied to give the wood a darker tone. This creates a rich, warm look that can complement many decor styles.

For the black color variant, a matte black finish primer is applied to the wood. This finish creates a sleek and sophisticated look that can work well in modern and minimalist settings.

The natural wood variant is untreated and showcases the natural beauty of Birch wood. This option is ideal for those who prefer a more rustic and organic look in their decor.

Due to differences between computer monitors, lighting, photographic equipment, etc, each batch of product colors may vary slightly, please refer to the actual item received.

Shipping & Returns

Delivery within 3-7 business days.

Your satisfaction is what matters most to us. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you have 30 days to request a refund.


Piece of 50/100 cm in length carved in wood with a thickness of 5 mm.


Remove your city's skyline from the box.

To ensure a secure fix, apply double-sided adhesive strips to the back of the skyline evenly, using a minimum of three to four fastening points.

Carefully clean the surface where you want to place the skyline with a dry, dust-free cloth to ensure that the surface is free of grease and dirt.

Remove the liner from the back of the adhesive dots and gently press the skyline against the desired surface to secure it in place.

Check that the skyline is well attached and level before releasing it. Adjust if necessary.

For more information, we invite you to watch our explanatory video in the instructions section of our website.

More information

Perfil del Skyline de Rello realizado artesanalmente, cortado con láser de precisión, pulido y pintado/barnizado a mano para dejar un producto de gran calidad y diseño.
¿Estás pensando en un cuadro de Rello para tu casa? ¿O quizás un vinilo o un póster de Rello para regalar? ¿O bien algún souvenir de Rello para llevarte como recuerdo? Esta figura de diseño elegante y moderno es la solución ideal para lo que estás buscando.
Un elegante elemento decorativo 100% diseño Rello
Diseño minimalista, elegante, que combina con todo tipo de estilos y entornos. Desde un elegante estudio de arquitectura, a un dormitorio de matrimonio, a un comedor informal.
Reivindica tu pertenencia a la ciudad con la silueta de Rello
¿Estás súper orgulloso/a de tu ciudad, la que te vió nacer o te acogió? Lleva su nombre con orgullo no solo en tu corazón sino también en la pared de tu casa, en un sitio bien destacado. ¿En la sala de estar? ¿En el estudio? ¿O quizás en el recibidor, para que lo vean los invitados nada más entrar?
Un recuerdo de Rello para revivir esos momentos mágicos
Viajaste a Rello con tu pareja y vivisteis momentos inolvidables? Por qué no regalarle este bonito elemento decorativo? Podréis rememorar esa experiencia cada vez que lo veáis al pasar por delante!
El mejor souvenir de Rello que puedas comprar
Olvídate de recuerdos como camisetas, imanes de nevera o tazas. El mejor recuerdo de Rello que puedes llevarte para tus seres queridos es el skyline de sus edificios y monumentos únicos.

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  • Unique hand-drawn skylines

    All SkylineCity pieces are made with love and care. Enjoy the skyline of your city in a unique and beautiful way.

  • sustainable shipping

    All our packaging
    They are 100% sustainable, using cardboard boxes we reduce the use of plastics in our shipments to 0%, taking care of the environment.

  • Unique home decor.

    With our exclusive wooden silhouettes, you can take the memories of your favorite cities home with you.

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How can they be attached to the wall?

In the product we include an envelope with padded double-sided adhesives to fix on the wall. They are transparent dots that must be peeled off and placed on the back of the piece distributing them evenly and in the thickest parts of the skyline, then remove the protection on the other side and fix on the wall.

Can it be hung on stippled or plastered walls?

There would be no problem to fix the skylines on a stippled wall as the double-sided adhesive tape we include is padded and very resistant. In addition, the skylines are not too heavy. However, you have to consider the roughness and type of stipple on your wall. We do not recommend it for brick or plastered walls. The ideal is to place it on a smooth wall, because it adheres better.

Is it possible to make this model in custom size or larger?

At the moment it is not possible, as we must take into account the logistical limitations of packages larger than 100 cm.

Is it possible to order a city that is not in the catalog?

Every week we include new cities in the catalog. You can vote your city or town in the application section to be published soon. It works by a voting system.